The House of Joshua Corporation is thrilled to announce the completion of our third year as a designer-first design studio and consulting business. To commemorate this milestone, CEO/Founder Michelle Lee gave us her insight on the growth and accomplishments of the House of Joshua. 

Lee found her purpose in life very naturally, as a woman strongly rooted in her faith. Her professional experiences as a marketing director in the building industry for over twenty years, along with her Master of Fine Art from Ohio State University, gave her a solid foundation to start her own business. “I was trained in excellence,” says Lee. With her keen eye and connections to designers, Lee recognized a demand in the design industry for stylish and fresh ideas that her artwork could fulfill. 

In the past three years, The House of Joshua has adjusted to changes in the market. This did not deter Lee from following the path ahead of her. “Pursuing your dream is not easy,” says Lee. Despite the adversities that she faced, Lee prioritized three key elements at the forefront of The House of Joshua: purpose, passion, and professionalism. The creative visionary of this inspiring design studio is proud of the full process she went through to make The House of Joshua successful. Her genuine effort does not go unrecognized as she continues to inspire young women to become strong female leaders through passion and perseverance.

The House of Joshua grew in the past three years very organically. Originally started as a designer studio, it now incorporated a consultation business that specializes in unique products and new technologies that range from our beauty products to our exclusive luxury vinyl tile flooring. The House of Joshua is dedicated to partnerships and providing the design community with innovative products and creative architectural collections to craft a beautiful lifestyle. In the first year of the company, Lee spent multiple hours tirelessly perfecting her  process and creating her art for the Chevron Collection. The following year, The House of Joshua focused on developing its sales and marketing material. The past three years have been a unique growing process driven by passion. The House of Joshua has learned to adapt to different cultures and unknown factors. With resilience, responsibility, and respect, The House of Joshua has built promising connections with international business owners and designers.Through all the changes the company has faced, one concept remained constant: The House of Joshua “..did not ignore who we are, and we didn’t pretend who we are not,” says Lee. 

Authenticity and professionalism translate in all of the corporation’s business ventures and products. A driving factor for the House of Joshua is the “love for the creative process,” says Lee. With this creative mindset and process, The House of Joshua is always in search of ingenuity and innovation without sacrificing excellence. The corporation strives to provide all of its clients with the utmost trust and genuine care. 

The House of Joshua is most proud of its first flooring collection: The Chevron Collection. This collection took an entire year and hundreds of sample designs before perfecting this one-of-a-kind product. Based on Michelle Lee’s designs, this luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring is artistic and unique with high performing durability. The collection features over 20 designs with precision cut angles for remarkable chevron installation and a flawless finish. Chevron flooring can take the design of any space in a bold, new direction. It is the only art you can walk on and has been featured in prominent commercial design spaces in 2020. The Sheraton Hotel in Downtown Denver, CO featured the Chevron collection in its elevator lobby. Selected by design group Gensler, the dark LTV wood flooring contrasted with the frosty wall art selected, to evoke a feeling of warmth and comfort. Another design that the Chevron Collection was featured in was the Hanmi Bank renovation in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. Korean-American designer Lois Kim was inspired by The House of Joshua’s pursuit of authenticity and purpose. “We loved the artist’s story behind the actual product. The product was designed with thorough thought and precision,” says Kim. Both of these designs were well-received and appreciated. The House of Joshua was excited to celebrate the genuine creative process rooted in passion. These well-balanced and distinctive tiles are cost friendly for designers as well. 

When asked what is next for The House of Joshua, Lee says she hopes for more collaborations with the designer community. She is looking forward to developing more collections as well as promoting more product lines. As The House of Joshua continues to grow, the corporation will not forget its roots and is grateful for the experiences in the last three years.