Your Next Design in a Bold, New Direction.

An inspiring collection, the Chevron Collection offers remarkable visuals that redefine what you can expect from high performance luxury vinyl flooring. This classic flooring stays true to its namesake offers three striking visuals from soulful abstractions to exquisite wood and solid color blocking.



For a more soulful design, our STUDIO floors feature an extraordinary color palette over a hard-wearing cementitious texturing. Each tile is considered a work of art with its own unique character to enhance any environment.

Artworks  ©copyright 2018 Michelle Whojeong Lee



With an embossed-in-register design, our WOOD floors joins the look and warmth of hardwood visuals with matching texturing for incredible realism.



Featuring a cementitious texturing, COLOR floors bring durability and beauty to any design space. With a modern color palette, COLOR also offers designers the option of color matching customization based on project needs to create fully immersive branded environments.

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of the Chevron collection.